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Software Courses Online is part of the parent firm, Business Intelligence Plus Technologies, LLC.,

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BI+ Technologies,  Our passion for training and encouraging new talent into software workforce, made us work on the idea of creating online trainings for professionals who want to strengthen their skills and have the skills to be “employer ready” , we work with new graduates and hardworking individuals from all walks of life, to make sure they enter the field of technology, we have done that in past and have been doing still and we will love to encourage the professional in you.

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BI+ Technologies,  www.Letzcruisedomains.com is Webdomain, hosting and Web products provider , we are working with free lance designers who are working on our projects and we are proud to be helping them have a project, one after the other, our goal is to keep freelancers have a secure paycheck at the end of the day.

Vrecruitforyou.com  : (site in progress)

Recruiting for talented Technology professionals for clients in HealthCare, Insurance , Retail and all other Industrial segments of Business Intelligence.



Founded by Software Professional, who understood demands of the profession. Personally, we are learners and keep learning new Tools and Technologies to be on par with the current market demands.

 So you  can understand we are no different than you, the same kind of doubts related to the tool and the impact on jobs are the same, but a forward looking thought process is what makes us different.

Our inclination towards Technologies has been from year 1997, where an email was a big thing at that time, from that time on wards up until now we have predicted and adjusted the trends software Technologies are moving towards, a collective experience in the field of Technology has driven us to put together an automated easy way of learning, sitting at the comfort of your home.